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If you are looking for an attorney to represent your interests in the face of a federal investigation, criminal charges, or allegations of fraud, you have come to the right place. Cogdell Law Firm has built a reputation as a premier criminal defense law firm based on the results we have been able to secure for individuals and entities facing a range of charges in state and federal courts across Texas.

"It was unbelievably reassuring the reception Mr. Cogdell gets when entering the court room. I knew I was in good hands." - Former Client

When it comes to high-profile federal litigation and complex white collar crimes, our Houston criminal defense attorneys provide unparalleled legal counsel through every stage of our clients' cases. Founded by Dan Cogdell, an attorney known by his peers as a “Texas trial legend” who has tried such renowned cases as the Enron litigation (where he secured a “not guilty” verdict for his client), our firm is positioned to deliver results. In fact, we often solve problems other lawyers can't. It's what we do.

Our entire team is focused on securing the best result for every client we represent. Because we coordinate in such a manner as to allocate our resources and optimize our workflow, we can effectively handle criminal cases ranging from Misdemeanors all the way to nationally-publicized government fraud. Dan Cogdell typically applies his unique skill set to federal white collar cases and we will work together as needed to provide the highest quality counsel.

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When it comes to criminal charges on a state or federal level, there is one thing of which you can be certain: there is no one in the judicial system who will be on your side. The judge, prosecuting attorney, law enforcement, and federal investigators will all be doing everything in their power to put you behind bars. The only person willing and able to fight in your corner will be your criminal defense lawyer. Make sure you choose the best.

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