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Cases involving mortgage fraud, health care fraud, bank fraud, and similar offenses often garner media attention due to their far-reaching consequences on individuals and businesses.

They may be heard in state or federal court depending on the circumstances surrounding the alleged offense, and they can have a profound impact on careers, reputations, and entire corporations. These complex, high-profile matters need to be taken on by a seasoned attorney.

Our founder and principal attorney, Dan Cogdell, is known by his contemporaries as a “Texas trial legend.” He has handled some of the most compelling and challenging cases involving fraud and other white collar offenses, securing successful results time and time again. One example is the only “not guilty” verdict in the Enron litigation. Along with our team at Cogdell Law Firm, Dan meticulously investigates and creates compelling arguments to defend our clients' best interests.

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Key Elements of a Fraud Charge

Facing state or federal charges for fraud can be a disturbing situation to find oneself in. It may seem that there is little to no chance of avoiding a conviction, but it is important to remember that guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

It is also important to remember that you have constitutional rights that must be asserted and protected to the fullest extent. A single violation of your rights, the smallest overlooked detail, or any weakness in the prosecuting attorney's case could be used in your favor.

There are typically five key elements of a fraud charge:

  • There was a false representation of fact;
  • The party that made the representation knew it was false;
  • This representation was made with the intent to deceive the victim/victims;
  • The victim had a reasonable reliance on the party that made the misrepresentation; and
  • The victim suffered actual losses due to the misrepresentation.

Our Houston fraud crime attorneys utilize our decades of experience and litigation skills to investigate every element of a fraud charge, to build the most effective defense strategy possible. With our strengths and resources, we often solve problems other lawyers can't. It's what we do.

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