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The Harris County First Chance Intervention Program

Posted by Dan Cogdell | Mar 28, 2016 | 0 Comments

The Harris County First Chance Intervention Program is an innovative program that the District Attorney's office first introduced in 2014. Police still will arrest any individual who is caught with a small amount of marijuana, i.e., two ounces or less. However, those who qualify for the program can complete an eight-hour class or perform eight hours of community service can avoid a criminal conviction altogether. Normally, an individual who is convicted of a Class B misdemeanor for marijuana possession would face up to 180 days in jail and a fine of not more than $2,000.00. This program gives individuals the opportunity to avoid jail and fines altogether, as well as black marks on their criminal records.

In order to be eligible for the program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You are detained or arrested for possessing two ounces of marijuana or less.
  • You have valid identification with you at the time of the incident.
  • You have no additional criminal charges.
  • You have no outstanding warrants or holds.
  • You have no adult criminal convictions.
  • You have never received a sentence of probation or deferred adjudication.
  • You are not currently on bond, probation, or deferred adjudication.
  • You have not previously participated in this program or another pretrial intervention program.

In order to participate in the program, you must make an appointment with Pretrial Services and schedule an appointment. You must fully participate in the program for either 60 or 90 days. During this time period, you must not break the law, pay a $100 nonrefundable fee, and complete one of the courses described above.

You can learn more about the Harris County First Chance Intervention Program and see if it is an option for you by calling us today. The Cogdell Law Firm has the experience, knowledge and reputation that you want and need for your Houston criminal defense attorney. When results matter most, contact Dan Cogdell at (713) 426-2244 or [email protected]. We will take all steps necessary to ensure that your rights are respected and protected.

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