Many North Texas Cities Saw Increase in Violent Crime in 2015

A recent article in The Dallas Morning News is reporting that many North Texas suburbs, composed of cities with a population of at least 100,000, have experienced the same spikes in violent crime as major Texas cities, such as Dallas, and other large cities nationwide. Many of these cities saw some decreases, but many increases, in crimes such as robbery, theft, aggravated assault, burglary, and auto theft. The one exception is Carrollton, whose crimes rates have remained mostly flat, except with respect to robberies, which increase by 21%. However, as the article points out, the increase only constitutes 64 robberies in total, up from 11 robberies the year before.

While crime rates generally decreased in Irving, which is Dallas County’s second-largest city, Irving did see a significant increase in robberies, as well as the highest number of murders since 2007, including the strangling of a teenage girl and the beating death of an elderly woman. Nonetheless, Irving’s police chief noted that overall, Irving had a 6.6% drop in the rate of crimes per household over the prior year, as well as a 22% drop in the number of aggravated assaults.

Other North Texas suburbs saw overall decreases in crime rates, but spikes in some specific types of crime. Richard saw a 28% increase in simple assaults, Garland had an 11.5% increase in rapes and an 18.9% increase in aggravated assaults, and Mesquite saw increases in both robberies and aggravated assaults. Similarly, Lewisville saw violent-crime increases in aggravated assaults, rapes, and robberies, as well as in embezzlement, impersonation, and identity theft. Plano’s statistics saw over 20% increases in same types of crimes.

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