How to Choose a Texas Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’ve been placed under arrest and are facing criminal charges, you will need a Texas criminal defense attorney to guide you and defend you at trial, if necessary. Here are some tips on how to choose a Texas criminal defense attorney:

Referral – many people turn to those they trust for a referral, so if a member of your family or any of your friends has used a criminal defense attorney in the past, they may be a good resource for you. Be sure you ask the referral source if they were satisfied with how their attorney handled their case, including keeping them informed, following up in a timely manner and returning phone calls.

Internet search – online lawyer directories like allow you to search by geography and specialty. They also include ratings and recommendations that can help you decide. You can also search the State Bar of Texas website for attorneys who specialize in criminal defense. In addition, review the websites of attorneys and their law firms to ensure they have expertise in the area of criminal law that you need.

Interview – after you have a few names, call and/or email the attorneys on your list. Most attorneys offer a free consultation to discuss the details of your case.

Meeting – after choosing an attorney, be sure to meet with them in person as soon as possible to confirm that he or she is the right choice for your criminal case. Discussing the facts of your case with the attorney can help him or her more accurately advise you on how the case will likely proceed and what it is likely to cost you to retain their services.

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