Top 10 Things a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Do for You When You're Charged with a Crime

The one thing that is the same about criminal cases is that they are all different. To deal successfully with those differences, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who can provide you with the proper guidance and expertise that will help determine the outcome of your case.

Here are the top 10 things a criminal defense attorney can do for you if you’ve been charged with a crime:

  1. Negotiate with the prosecutor for reduced charges or lesser sentences.
  2. Craft sentencing programs that are tailored to a defendant’s needs, like inclusion in a diversionary program or other options available in the state.
  3. Utilize his or her knowledge of the criminal justice system, state and federal laws to help mitigate charges — i.e., knowing if a search was conducted legally.
  4. Help clients cope with the personal repercussions of being charged with a crime: fear, embarrassment, family issues, etc.
  5. Provide a realistic and objective perspective and what is likely to be the outcome of your case.
  6. Leverage his or her knowledge of local court customs or practices and relationships with prosecutors and judges to assist in your defense.
  7. Engage the services of expert witnesses and use investigators to present your case in the most favorable light.
  8. Obtain information from prosecution witnesses so you will be knowledgeable about the evidence against you.
  9. Conduct proper research to identify any potential factors that could count for or against you.
  10. Educate you on all your options, and ensuring you understand all the ramifications of each one.

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