How Can a Felony Conviction Affect Your Career?

Beyond the impact a felony conviction can have on you mentally and financially, it can also wreak havoc with your professional career. Here are some of the long-term ramifications a felony conviction can have on your career:

You can lose your current job. Many companies have policies that call for the immediate dismissal of an employee who has been convicted of a felony. Even if your company does not have such a policy, you may lose so much time from any potential sentence or time spent fighting your conviction that the company may fire you anyway.

You may not be able to complete your education. Many university applications ask you to tell them if you have been convicted of a felony. In addition, you may not be able to qualify for financial aid if you need it.

You may be excluded from certain jobs. There are certain professions you may be excluded from if you are convicted of a felony. For example, most school districts will not hire a convicted felon. If you were convicted of a sex crime or drug crime, this could severely limit your job opportunities.

You may not be able to obtain business licenses or permits. There are certain professions that require licenses or permits — including nurses, lawyers, plumbers, electricians, social workers, psychologists, pharmacists, architects, etc. — that may not be available to you as a convicted felon.

These days, most companies perform background checks on potential employees, and if you fail to self-report a felony conviction on a job application that is discovered by a background check, this could lead to dismissal due to misrepresentation.

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